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Comics on the can Wondercon edition pt 3 Kodoja terror mountain #4


Written by Keith Foster
Art by Rory Smith
You ever lie awake in bed late at night; just you, the gassy dog and your deep dark secrets and think “Gee, there just isn’t enough Kaiju comic books out there. I mean there is Godzilla at IDW and I can’t wait for (shameless plug alert) World War Kaiju but damn if there isn’t enough sharp, well written, fast moving and fun giant monster stories for me to purchase… Oh god, Fido, what the hell did you eat to make that smell!?!?!”
Lord knows I do.
That’s why I’m here sitting on the potty for YOU! Switch Fido to dry dog food, I’m sure you “accidentally” killed that hobo in Cincinnati and next time you’re at a big con look for Kodoja Terror mountain! Drawing from a deeply held love for Kaiju movies KODOJA’s got the moves down and offers some surprises along the way. The beats are familiar; mysterious giant monster casually demolishes everything in its path, a deeply frustrated military hurls everything it’s got (including a secret weapon) to no avail and a team of scientists unlock the secrets and bear witness to the inevitable Kaiju on Kaiju violence. But where most of the Kaiju stories compel you to fast forward past the expository dialogue and get right to the monster bashing Kodoja keeps you invested in the characters with depth, snarky/funny/clever dialogue and figuratively and literally well drawn characters.
Kodoja is a man-made bio-droid that’s been mothballed. It activates itself and heads out into the world driven by some unknown purpose. Meanwhile a giant demon snake Kaiju thing shows up and starts tearing shit up. You can guess the rest of the plot; buildings get Kaiju-ized the countryside shakes and everybody panics and grasp for a solution. The fun is built into the action and Kodoja delivers wholeheartedly.
Indie comics can be a lot of things and sometimes it’s forgotten among the pretense but one of the things they can be is damn entertaining. And infused with homage, action and an obvious sense of fun – that’s just what Kodoja Terror Mountain is.
On a side note you should also see out, if they have it in stock, the soundtrack to Kodoja by Big Pimp Jones w/ hot peas n’ butta. The soundtrack is a funky take on Kaiju movie music that will impress the music kook in your clan… Worth it.
www.kodoja.com @kodoja www.bigpimpjones.com www.recordbreakin.com
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