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comics on the can wondercon edition pt 2

The cover photoed in my bathroom
The cover photoed in my bathroom

As I sit here on the throne and contemplate Misfortune High from Jules Rivera it occurs to me that the “—— in high school.” is an indie sub-genre. Probably a result of panning for that Harry Potter and/or Buffy the vampire slayer gold and also High School is an apt metaphor for life challenges and an effective microcosm of life in general. Not all of them are done well… most aren’t done well… Misfortune High is the exception that proves the rule. It’s about a lying upper class jerk who gets expelled from his 1% wizard school and sent to the wrong side of the tracks. Hilarity and class struggle ensues. In the interest of full disclosure Jules is a friend of mine, in fact we shared a table at wondercon, and her wrath terrifies me. But even if I wasn’t scared of the verbal and physical drubbing I’d get I’d still dig Misfortune High. Here’s why – most of those indie books lack depth. No so with Misfortune High – the characters are very well grounded and distinct (both visually and personality-wise) for such a out there concept. I found myself thinking about them long after I finished my duty. Jules also balances sly humor with some serious notes and manages to fit an interesting plot in as well.
The art is unique; the watercolors have a loose feel that enhances the comedic aspects of the book but somehow transmits a full emotional range too. The world of Misfortune High feels lived in and authentic even with the cartoon-ish look. The foil stamped cover is keen too.
Misfortune High left me wanting more; the plot kicks into gear right at the end of the 48 pages. Thankfully book #2 just got funded on kickstarter and Jules is finishing coloring it as we speak.
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