Comics on the can – free comic book day special pt 1 – Scam Crosswords

COMICS ON THE CAN – Free comic book day edition pt 1!
Scam – crosswords
Written by Jason Ciaramella
Drawn by Joe Mulvey
THE EXPENDABLES + OCEAN’S ELEVEN X LEGION OF DOOM = goofy over the top fun. 2 stories, first one is about a merc named Crosswords with a black and white checkered mask, a snarky attitude and a penchant for a level of mayhem that would make Deadpool go “Dude’s on an impressive level”. This is my first encounter with this guy (and scam as a whole); signs point to him being the big bad.
I like him! He, in short order, dumps some kidnapees out of a plane making it rain splating bodies onto not nice German crime guy (father and husband of kidnapee sky-pizza) then crashes his plane into the guy’s goons and slaughters everyone that survived. Lot of content for 10 pages or so. Cinematic and relishing it’s “R with an explanation” boundary push; Crosswords is Bugs bunny by way of Garth Ennis.
The second story is about another hit man in the line-up named “Pint” who gets stronger and faster the drunker he gets. He’s after a Russian bag man taking a break in Vegas with a bodyguard who does nothing to dismiss the beefy Russian female joke. Fast paced and kooky enough to keep it on the entertaining side of hit men. Pint’s mis-adventure doesn’t reach the scale of cartoon violence that Crosswords does but it is a laugh and has flawless comedic timing.
Considering the fun I had reading this I’ll have to check out more of SCAM. And isn’t that one of the things that #FCBD sets out to do?
I mean this in the best possible way – perfect bathroom reading.

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Comics on the can -Free comic book day special pt 1
Comics on the can -Free comic book day special pt 1

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