COMICS IN THE CAN – FCBD special pt 2
ATOMIC ROBO (+ Brodie troll and haunted)
AR – written by Brian Clevinger
Art – Scott Wegener

I’ve been a big fan of Robo from almost the beginning. Robo and Witch Doctor by Brandon Seifert will always be my first suggestion to anyone interested in trying out comics. Something about a wise cracking robot running through history having science adventures just makes sense for this medium. The sense of fun and humor this book has raises Atomic Robo above it’s pulpy trappings. When one of your main enemies is named Doctor Dinosaur; a talking raptor with delusions of grandeur and a rocket launcher you’ve got fun in mind. When that bad guy is a legitimate threat while also being hysterical you got something special. All said, I love Atomic Robo and the FCBD stories almost always stand out. When I was reviewing for comics bulletin a FCBD Robo story was one of only two “five bullet” ratings I ever gave. This year’s story doesn’t live up to (admittedly super high) expectations. The story is pretty average; a student fInds some weird EGG-LIKE rocks and encounters a rock monster in the process. Robo is also there searching for said rock monster. Punching and explosions ensue. I’m sure you already figured out the twist as soon as I wrote about the strange rocks; they are rock monster eggs. The student hurls the eggs into a mine shaft fire, dynamite is added – BOOM! I think what didn’t work for me is that I felt sorry for the monster momma protecting her (it’s?) eggs. The monster, apart from being big and scary, is never established as a threat. Robo and the monster have history (guess how the mine fire got started) but I have more empathy for the monster in this case. Oh well; Wegener’s art is full of action and humor as always. The colors are bright and everything is clear and enjoyable. An average Robo story is still better than a large chunk of material out there on any day.

Brodie Troll by Jay Fosgitt was a treat; whimsical and imaginative it seems to be made for the little kid who digs Jack Skellington (like my daughter). The joke about Brodie’s culinary tastes gets a little strained but it’s all for the payoff at the end.

Haunted seemed capable but didn’t leave much of an impression. It looked creepy, I’ll give it that.

I’ve done my duty for the moment. See you next time.

Next – Eltingville club (honest)
Soon – back to that box of books that’s been collecting dust for the last month.

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