Three Week Kickstarter Update!

Greetings programs!

  It is time for another rock ‘em sock ‘em update for the famed Crazy Mary kickstarter campaign!  I’ll start this update with a question – What does a writer for Doctor Who, Babylon 5, Mystery Science Theatre 3000’s Crow T. Robot and Action Labs Comics all have in common?  The answer, they all support Crazy Mary!

  First off ,  I have somehow swindled two amazing talents into doing the forward and afterward to the Graphic Novel “By Factory Smoke and Acetelyne Light”.  The talented, funny and always smartly dressed Tony Lee will be waxing poetic about Crazy Mary. If you know great comics you know Tony Lee; best known for writing “Doctor Who” for IDW and the #1 New York Times bestseller adaptations of “Pride & Prejudice & Zombies”.  And let’s not forget his original work – Danger Academy, Midnight Kiss and Hope Falls (soon to be a feature film). In truth I didn’t have to flatter or beg; Tony has been a huge supporter of Crazy Mary since the early DWP days and a good friend to boot.  I’m thrilled that he’s writing the forward.

  The afterward is being written by a man who is well known and highly respected in literary circles and especially SF and fantasy.  His name is Lou Anders – the Hugo Award winning editorial director of Pyr Books, as well as the WFC award nominated editor of many critically-acclaimed anthologies.  If you know great SF/Fantasy you’ve probably heard the name Lou Anders.  Lou has been a close friend for going on fifteen years.  We first met when he was covering Babylon 5 for titan magazine and bonded over fringe science, cult films and Doctor Who.  He also got me a gig at Babylon 5 magazine which led to a regular column.  In many ways viagra sale he is a mentor and many more ways my Science Fiction-everything guru.  Lou is, by far, one of the most fascinating people I have ever met.

  Next!   Big thanks to Bill Corbett (Crow T. Robot himself) of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 fame for pledging to Crazy Mary.  Bill Corbett is also making his Kickstarter debut with his graphic novel “Super-Powered Revenge Christmas”.

 Also Dave Dwonch creative director of Action Labs Comics and writer of the hot new comic series “Doublejumpers” featuring artwork by Crazy Mary’s own William Blankmanship. Fans may also know him from the webcomic Spacetime Condominium which is being collected into a graphic novel.  I met Dave at Wondercon a few weeks ago and since we both are enthusiastic members of the William Blankenship fan club it was good times.  Other well-known folk like popular TV blogger Michelle Carlbert and adult film star Kelly Shibari are on board, re-tweeting and helping.

In other news, these last two weeks saw J.K. Woodward and I hitting the podcast trail.  We had a great talk with Amber Luv on “Amber Unmasked”.  We tackled topics like the future of comic distribution, JK’s upcoming Doctor Who/STNG crossover gig and “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” by Meatloaf.  J.K. had a great chat with Comics Attack and I am doing an interview with Cammy’s Comic Corner this week.  Check them all out!

Thanks again to all of you who have made a pledge.  Without you, Crazy Mary wouldn’t be a reality.  And with several big incentives still out there for you kind reader still on the fence, you still have a chance to snag some great original art, shot glasses and autographed copies of the GN. 

What are you waiting for?  Be part of Crazy Mary!

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