Nearly 20% raised in one week!

First of all thank you everyone for following and/or contributing to the Crazy Mary Kickstarter project.  With your help we’ve raised nearly 20% of our goal in only one week!

It’s a huge thrill to see names like Steve Niles, Chris Roberson and Rick Remender re-tweeting and contributing to the project as well as Jimmy Palmiotti and Shaun
Granger showing an interest.

And we’ve only just started.

Next up are several podcast interviews, including Cammy’s Comic Corner and Amber Love.  The casts will feature me, JK Woodward and Josh Finney talking about Crazy Mary and 01 Publishing.  JK and I always feed off of each other well; I usually manage to drag out the hidden geek in him and he usually spurs me to drink heavily.  Hopefully, thanks to modern technology and every iota of organizational skills I can muster, the entire Crazy Mary team will do a group interview.

Of course the team has a lot of other projects in the pipeline aside
from Crazy Mary. J.K. Woodward is on the razor’s edge of breaking through to a new level by illustrating the Doctor Who/Star Trek the Next Generation crossover Assimilation 2  (written by Scott, David Tipoton and Tony Lee) which drops hgh improves sprinting speed in May from IDW.  And our artist William Blankenship has Double Jumpers (written by Dave Dwonch) coming out from Action Labs comics in March.  Both books have immense buzz and should make big names out of both of these talented artists.

Artist Ryan Sargent is no slouch either: Handling the big new story “Waiting to Explode”  at the center of this Crazy Mary graphic novel, Ryan has brought his crisp, kinetic style to new heights and is a perfect match for both the tense action and challenging philosophical elements of this exciting story.

01 Publishing, Mary’s home, is also on the rise with a completely revamped collection of their first hit Utopiates (now available on Amazon) and it is utterly gorgeous!  This cyber/bio-punk epic advances the genre ahead a quantum leap. 

And after that? The much anticipated collaboration between myself, Josh Finney and Patrick McEvoy: the alt-history mind blower World War Kaiju. It all starts here with this Kickstarter project and your support.  A year from now everyone who contributed can say “I was with them from the start!” and those who didn’t will pretend they were.  But YOU will have your name in the credits page to prove it!

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